YouTube to allow monetization on new corona-related videos

YouTube has indicated that it will allow YouTube channels, including some news outlets, to monetize new coronavirus-related videos.

If there is any big news these days, more people will collect information via SNS or videos. For this reason, YouTube encourages the collection of information from trusted sources and, in order to prevent the spread of apologized information, removes ads from all videos that mention the new coronavirus and takes measures to prevent monetization. I was taking. This is not limited to the new coronavirus, but applies to terrorism, armed conflict, natural disasters, etc., and is defined as a policy on sensitive events .

However, the effects of the new coronavirus are prolonged, and the opportunity to come into contact with this topic on a daily basis is increasing. And YouTube wants to help press and creators continue to create quality videos in a sustainable way.

This will enable monetization in the coming days for a limited number of creators who have provided accurate information about coronavirus related. In the coming weeks, more channels will be targeted.

In this way, the sensational content of the video attracts attention and the creators who want to prevent the spread of false information but provide accurate information want to help.

YouTube says breaking news is so important to find reliable content and will continue to strive to deliver accurate information to users.

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