WOCH wood wireless charging station

You have your choice of wireless charging stations these days, but let me introduce you WHERE . It has a strange name but an elegant look. It is a hand made wood wireless charging station that will look great in your home.

Forget boring and ugly plastics. Wood is warm and inviting. If you place your phone on top of the device and let it do its magic, it just feels more intimate.

WOCH adds a touch of elegance to the charging process

This charging station is made by Pedpac, a company that loves nature with technology. Not only are you free of cables yourself, you have to bring a little bit of nature inside.

WOCH uses the built-in QI receiver of the smartphone to be charged by induction.

Imagine the simplicity of charging all devices, just a charger. The WOCH lets you do just that to make your life easier. It will wirelessly charge your phone , smartwatch, airpods, or any other device that supports the QI standard.

Each boardwalk is unique because the base in Europe is handmade, with carefully selected beech or oak. This makes the process and materials environmentally friendly.

The WOCH brings a touch of nature inside.

No matter where you put WOCH at home or in the office, it will look great and not out of place like so many other chargers. If you want something different and a little less common, you can also get WOCH in a limited edition black.

There will only be 40 pieces of this color made, but if you can get one, it is a very classy indeed looking charger.

By bye cable. Hello Great Design.

With wireless charging, you don’t have to worry about cables getting lost or tangled or frustrated trying to find the right side of the USB port. To charge your device, just put your smartphone on the dock that is connected to a power source and that’s it. wait for it to easily calculate.

The WOCH is a step above most chargers because it is simple and elegant . Whether you put it on a bedside table, a desk, a shelf, or anywhere else, it adds some warmth and nature to an otherwise cold world of electronic accessories.

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