What should I buy for my first remote work with the new Corona?

More and more companies are introducing remote work (telework) due to the new coronavirus infection. These companies are expected to increase in the future, and even after the end of COVID-19, remote workers may become one of the ways of working.

In this article, I’ve been working remotely at home for over 5 years as a writer. Of course, the ideal environment will vary depending on the occupation and lifestyle of the person, personal preferences, budget, etc., but I would appreciate it as a reference.

■ Recommended to have two PCs, desktop and notebook

I use a desktop as a main PC and a notebook PC as a sub. The advantages of the desktop are the stability of operation and the ease of using dual monitors with larger monitors. Larger monitors have a wider field of view, increase work efficiency, and dual monitors have the advantage that you can work on one screen and check the chat tool on the other screen.

However, it may be difficult to work in the same place every time even in your own room, and you may be working on the go (it is not recommended to work outside such as a coffee shop because of infectious diseases. Basically, your own room It is better to work with.) For such a case, it is a good idea to own a notebook PC with the same environment as the main PC. It also provides insurance when the main PC is broken. By the way, I own Surface Pro.

course, depending on the content of the work, some people need a desktop PC, others may just need a notebook PC, so please think about it only for reference.

In addition, some of my friends use a smartphone stand instead of dual monitors to check chat tools. The smartphone stand can be used on the go, so it may be convenient to have it. 

■ Wired connection is recommended for smooth Internet conferencing. Microphone + earphone according to the surrounding environment

When conducting an online conference, connect the Internet as much as possible for stability. When talking with multiple people, it is easy to get in the way of wireless. It is also important to prepare an environment where you can tether with a smartphone in case of line trouble.

Microphones and earphones are essential for meetings, but at least avoid using microphones built into your PC. It is easy to generate noise, etc., and it is often difficult to exchange, or even if you can exchange, it makes the other party uncomfortable. Also, use earphones and headphones to prevent howling.

There are plenty of device choices, but headphone-type headsets, earphones with microphones, and speakerphones are examples. Those who need a camera include a web camera and a directional microphone. For the time being, you may want to choose the one that suits you.

I think whether the earphone with a microphone or a headset will be a matter of preference, such as the feeling of wearing and working comfort. However, it is my subjectivity, but there is an image that headphones are easier to immerse in the work, and the impression that earphones are harder to get tired. If you are not sure which one to use, consider which one is easier to use. Whichever you choose, the noise canceling function is an essential level.

Also, if you use a speakerphone without using a device, you can talk hands-free. Some are equipped with noise canceling and howling prevention functions, and have the advantage that they can be switched on / off at hand and that the ear does not hurt because no device is attached.

you need a review camera with “Anker PowerConf”, a full-featured function for remote work at ¥ 12,980 , you will use a web camera with a microphone function. The performance will increase according to the price range, but it is possible to have a meeting without any problem even if it is not so sophisticated. I think that it can be used for meetings in your room without any problems if it is in the 5000 yen range. Of course, here too, choose one with noise cancellation.

If you are worried about the surrounding sounds, for example, if your school or park is close to your home, or if you are working with a family, you may want to choose a unidirectional microphone.

▲ Sanwa Supply USB Microphone 400-MC016

Also, if you use a quiet keyboard, you can talk smoothly even while typing. If it is highly compatible, it can be used not only on PCs but also on iOS and Android environments. 

■ Arecole Tips that are useful if there are others

PCs and devices for meetings are essential, but let’s introduce accessories according to your style. If you are using a laptop with few USB ports on your PC, it is convenient to have a USB hub. Those who often handle documents need to own a shredder. There are other tools that can improve both your work and your life, such as cup warmers if coffee is essential.

physical calendar (not digital), you can manage dates without launching an app. I recommend something that can be erased with a water-based pen like a whiteboard.

Searching for chairs will give you a lot of recommendations, but I personally recommend gaming chairs. Because it is assumed that you play the game for a long time, the burden on the body is small.

▲ As

mentioned at the beginning of CORSER T3 RUSH , the optimal remote work environment varies depending on the type of job, lifestyle, personal interests, and budget. We hope you find this article useful as you continue your vetting and create an environment that is just for you.

Finally, frequent ventilation and light exercise. Don’t forget your regular life! “Body is capital”, which is actually the most important thing (I’ve been to the hospital twice in the past because of insufficiency and drinking too much coffee …).

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