We tested: Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1C – a portable and cheap vacuum cleaner

Xiaom has launched a second-generation Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C cordless vacuum cleaner. It was launched to compete with the Dreame V9 or Roidmi F8 that gained popularity in Israel, and the most notable correction available to it is the price tag attached to it. Is it enough?

Familiar design
Vacuum Cleaner 1C looks externally quite similar to the other vacuum cleaners offered on the market today. Its color is white and it has a fairly large grip handle that contains the power button of the vacuum cleaner as well as its working speed selector. The base unit includes a motor, a container for collecting dirt and a battery, and weighs about 1.5 kg before starting to connect the various accessories.

The notable advantage offered by the cordless vacuum cleaners , apart from perhaps Dyson, is the variety of accessories that come in the kit that you purchase. Vacuum Cleaner 1C is no exception, and is equipped with everything you need from the start: a large motorized brush for cleaning and vacuuming floors and floors, a small brush designed for cleaning carpets and sofas, a brush with a wide spout and a brush with a narrow spout. There is also an extension rod, transformer and wall charging stand.

This list of accessories basically allows you to cover almost the entire list of chores in the house that require the use of a modern vacuum cleaner: general vacuuming of floors, cleaning panels, vacuuming from grooves between sofas, curtains, ceiling corners, car vacuuming and more. In our opinion, there is no area in the house that is not accessible for use with this Shaumi vacuum cleaner, and since replacing the accessories is simple and easy, it can be done quickly while working without ‘committing in advance’ to cleaning one area or another in the house.

For the vacuum cleaner to work you have to press the power button continuously. It’s similar to the operating style Dyson chose for her vacuum cleaners, and it’s a shame. We would prefer that there be a possibility for the vacuum cleaner to operate non-stop from the moment you press its power button until the moment you press it again to turn it off – it is much more convenient in different scenarios where you try to reach corners that are a bit far and uncomfortable.

As we mentioned above, the handle has an additional button for selecting the suction power. In Vacuum Cleaner 1C you can choose one of three levels. The weakest grade provides, and probably not quite surprisingly, the particularly long usage time. On the other hand, and again not quite surprisingly, it is appropriate for such scenarios and not for others. During our tests we found that the weak suction power may be enough for floor suction, but once you switch to vacuuming dust and dirt from sofas or carpets, it is highly advisable to turn the switch so that the device provides the strongest suction power.

Of all the collection is relatively large and offers a volume of 0.5 liters. It opens from the bottom with the push of a button, making it very convenient to empty it straight into the trash. The container, by the way, includes a HEPA filter with 5 layers of filter and can be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning, if and when the moment comes when it needs treatment.

Performance and battery
The Vacuum Cleaner 1C cordless vacuum cleaner has a carbon-free motor that can reach a speed of 100,000 rpm and a maximum suction power of 20,000Pa, along with a suction power of 120AW. This is not the highest performance that can be found among the cordless vacuum cleaners on the market but it is data that is more or less equivalent to that of the Dreame V9, so it is definitely enough for pumping work at home.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 2,500 mAh battery that is not replaceable. As we mentioned above, the suction power greatly affects the maximum use time. In the weakest pumping mode, it is possible to reach a respectable usage time of about 60 minutes, at most. At normal suction power we managed to reach a maximum of 27 minutes, while at maximum suction power the usage time drops to only 8 minutes. This only reinforces the understanding that while using the vacuum cleaner it is advisable to switch pumping modes as needed to prolong the use time as much as possible, without having to recharge each time, and still perform the cleaning work well.

The condition of the battery is represented by 3 bulbs. In our opinion this is not accurate enough. More than once during the unchecked tests we were able to figure out how much longer use time is available to us. In some cases we were sure that there was at least half the battery time left, but in practice it turned out that the working time available to us was much shorter.

In the end, and in any job scenario choice, we eventually had to connect the Vacuum Cleaner 1C to its charging station, and we loved it. It allows you to place the vacuum cleaner standing with its long rod and the large motorized brush. It is laid out vertically and is easy to pull out. Other than that, it helps prevent the other accessories from ‘going for a walk’ at home and have a tidy place in the docking station. However, the charger still needs to be connected manually.

The bottom line
As a cordless vacuum cleaner, Shaumi’s Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1C does the job. It is powerful and powerful, easy to operate and includes all the necessary accessories already in the package. The battery life is relatively long and its charging position is easy to use.

Another advantage that the vacuum cleaner offers is the price: it currently sells for only NIS 690 , which is less than the competition and is therefore definitely an option worth considering when it comes to choosing the next wireless vacuum cleaner.

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