VIOMI’s V3 robotic vacuum cleaner arrives in Israel on official import

Runlight, the official representative of the VIOMI brand in Israel, announced that it has begun marketing the VIOMI V3 vacuum cleaner robot. This is the successor to the VIOMI V2 model, which has been sold in Israel for a long time and is relatively popular. Although the V3 is significantly more expensive than its predecessor (NIS 1,999 compared to about NIS 1,300 for the previous model), it offers improvements in a variety of areas – including particularly advanced navigation capabilities.

The V3 makes its way around the house while detecting its exact location using laser sensors and creating maps displayed in the compatible app. If the house has several floors – the robot will produce a separate map for each floor and will automatically identify where it was activated. The battery should last for up to 3 hours of continuous use or cleaning of up to 280 square meters on a single charge, with a strong suction power of 2600PA compared to 2150 in the previous model.

Xiaomi Viomi Cleaning robot robot – buy at a high price on the index. Markets
VIOMI V3 is a vacuum cleaner and a washing robot, with a 550 ml water tank and various operating modes for combining dry and wet cleaning. According to the manufacturer, the robot is capable of disinfecting space and eliminating up to 99 percent of bacteria and viruses, without the use of any disinfectant. Also clean the air of dust particles and other contaminants.

Thanks to the collaboration between VIOMI and Xiaomi, customers from Israel will be able to operate the robot using the familiar Mi Home app, which is well translated into English (compared to Chinese apps that are sometimes a little difficult to operate). The robot is available for purchase starting today (Tuesday) at a launch price of NIS 1,999 .

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