Understand now the differences between analog and digital CCTV

In the area of ​​electronic security, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is one of the best known solutions. Used by homes and companies of the most varied sizes, it has been modernized over time, offering more quality in the images collected and practicalities to customers.

Thinking about helping you to clear your doubts on the subject, we prepared this article. In it, we will address the two types of this system: analog and digital CCTV. You will better understand how each of the systems works, as well as the differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Are you interested in learning more about CCTV? Continue reading and stay inside!

What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television is composed of cameras, responsible for collecting internal and external images of a given environment. A fundamental component of CCTV is the so-called DVR (Digital Video Recorder), which consists of a device for recording images captured by a monitoring camera .

As mentioned, there are two types of CCTV: analog and digital. The first consists of analog cameras, which reproduce images with a reasonable degree of definition, compared to the digital system. It has a superior image quality, capable of reaching a resolution of 2592 X 1944. In addition, it has additional features, such as facial recognition and lack of objects.

What are the differences between analog and digital CCTV?

Follow below the differences, advantages and disadvantages of both CCTV systems.

A) Analog CCTV: advantages

  • low cost;
  • compatibility between manufacturers;
  • diversity of models.

A) Analog CCTV: disadvantages

  • not very good quality of the images;
  • suffers interference;
  • complex installation;
  • it is not suitable for long distances.

B) Digital CCTV: advantages

  • additional features, such as zooming in on images, facial recognition and missing objects;
  • access to images through mobile devices;
  • simpler installation;
  • does not suffer interference;
  • greater security, since you can use wireless encryption.

B) Digital CCTV: disadvantages

  • much higher price.

Many small businesses and homes still use the analog system a lot because of the price. Large companies, because they have to protect a larger number of data , financial and human capital, usually tend to use a digital CCTV.

Which of the two types of CCTV is the most suitable?

Everything will depend on the needs of the residence or business and the financial disposition for such an investment. Based on the mentioned advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to equate all variables, so that the system with the best cost-benefit is chosen. Our company, Plugmais, has solutions for CCTV systems. We have quality products that meet your needs.

Although analog CCTV has lower image quality than digital, it is worth reiterating that it is still widely used, due to the more affordable price. The digital system has not yet followed the trend of other technologies on the market, which is to become cheaper over time.

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