These Theft Recovery microchips can be embedded in anything of your choice

It says something goes like “posssession is 9/10 of the law.” That means if you have it in your possession, well, it’s easier to keep it that way. In other words, proving that someone stole something of yours may be an exercise in futility, provided it’s not a proprietary piece of work or you’ve caught it on camera in front of the camera. That is, unless, of course, you have a microchip embedded in the element.

For $ 99.95 you can score five of these Theft Recovery microchips from Hammacher. They are basically RFID tags which, when scanned by law enforcement, reveal the true ownership of the item in question. They have long been used in dogs by embedding them in their ear, which is ideal if they lose their identification tags.

The chip measures only 1/2 “long and not thicker than the” lead of a pencil on 3/32 “. This means that it will fit in a variety of objects, such as paintings, valuable instruments, or even a weapon bearing. Included in the package of five chips one is 3 / 32 “drill, which allows you to create a very small hole and the RFID tag. They also include an epoxy when drilling (or surgery) is not an option.

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