The manufacturer HART Loop Mixer All About Versatility

Whether you are a DJ or just want to use it at home, Maker hirschs Loop Mixer makes multitasking easy. This audio mixer will be almost perfect for any task you can throw at it. If multitasking audio is your thing , you won’t be disappointed.

Maker hirsch’s loop mixer does it all

It will connect to multiple devices so that you can simultaneously play video games, music, watch TV, listen to your important messages and much more from your computer , tablet, phone, MP3 player, instruments and other devices. That’s right, this loop mixer covered you.

The loop mixer has a 3.5 mm jack plug for input and output, and you can connect up to 5 devices with AUX cable and output headphones, sound system and / or your recording devices. This eliminates the need for adapters, which can be expensive. The device is lightweight and travel-friendly, so take it to your band gigs or DJ jobs for when you need something easy. It can always be with you and on standby.

It is powered by a 9V power supply so you can amplify and control the signal level for each input channel from mic to line level signals without worrying about issues such as reduced volume, sound distortion or annoying noise. You can record output and monitor all at the same time. With the optional loop bus cable, you can connect more loop mixers to monitor each input device without affecting the audio output.

This loop mixer is packed with properties.

This loop mixer is a powerful and agile

What to love about this mixer? Aside from all of these features, it also has an impressively portable and design. It comes with a DM2S adapter, so you can connect 2 mono (6.35 mm / 1 ⁄ 4 “) inputs to a 1 3.5 mm stereo plug.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the machine becomes a hard loop mixer for everyone. It packs many functions into one small device and they are all useful. This mixer is definitely worth checking out.

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