The igloohome Smart Mortise Lock is a Premium Smart Lock

If you are looking to upgrade home security in your home, then smart locks are a good start. You can also skip all other devices and get a bonus Smart Lock like this Smart MortiseSearch from igloohome .

Smart Mortise Lock is a Premium Smart Lock

Smart locks not only secure at home, but they can make your life easier as well. Never return your keys to gain access to your front door. Imagine never being locked again. Smart locks also allow you to use apps to control who gets into the house.

Maybe you have a delivery and you want to let man within the delivery. Or let a neighbor take care of the while you are away. Smart locks make this kind of thing easy. Is not it time to simplify your life?

The Smart Mortise Lock Smart Lock has multiple input mode for even more convenience. You can unlock your door with a PIN code, a Bluetooth key on your smartphone or a key card. That gives you a lot of options for the flexibility of access. And if you like to use it, the physical key is still available as a back-up.

With the help of the mobile app, should you leave in your home, create PIN codes or Bluetooth keys, and choose how long you want to be valid. You can send them directly to your visitors from the app itself. This smart lock also works offline. The internet is not needed for the castle, so you have also increased the reliability against WiFi hacking. Combine this lock with a winning home security system and you have a secure home.

A smart lock with the right features

You can track the dates and times that visitors enter at home and Bluetooth key access logs are updated in real time. Other features include safety lock mode, electrostatic discharge (ESD) prevention, a fire alarm that detects when the temperature is between 50 – 70 degrees Celsius in the home, so it can automatically unlock, a battery alarm, volume adjustment and more. This is one of the most capable smart locks available.

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