The grass printer is an artistic robotic lawnmower

As robots become more integrated into our daily lives, we will use them for stupid pursuits. It’s just a matter of human nature: there’s nothing we can not turn into something that amuses us, especially when we build those things. The grass printer is probably a typical case.

Grass as an artistic medium
Little more, at this point, than a clever concept, the grass printer is pretty much what it sounds like. A robotic mower is placed on a yard, with a space defined by some beacons. You draw what you want to see mounted on the touchscreen on the front of your robo buddy. And then it will work.

Grass Roots
The grass printer has shorter than usual blades inside as lawnmowers, and can adjust their height accordingly. Internal processors map your lawn and get the picture you want it, and then hack. As her Robomow walks across the lawn, slowly, the picture that you most like to see engraved in grass leaks out.

Oh, and you could probably use it as an actual, robotic lawnmower , but really, that’s kind of missing the point. Why just mow your lawn when you can not only mow it, but also offend your neighbors, who scolds about how tall your grass is?

Baby Grass
As I said, the grass is a printer, because now, just a concept. But unlike world-changing discoveries and other stuff you see on the news, this is of immediate use to real estate agents and the kind of person who likes to carve out offensive cartoons of the lawn on other people. So we will not be surprised if, sooner rather than later, the Grass printer comes close to you. Just be sure to keep your grass short if your angry neighbor gets one of his own.

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