The Breville Oracle is the espresso maker for the fussiest coffee drinker

If you’re causing a massive injection of caffeine right in your face, the only way to go is by drinking espresso . Or energy drinks, but espresso tastes much, much better. But it’s also hard to make at home … unless, of course, you fancy machine . That’s where Breville’s new automatic / manual espresso machine, the Oracle, comes in .

Oracular powers
The Oracle does not, in fact, say the future in a roundabout fashion. Rather, it gives you enough tools to make the coffee that will make you see the future in a caffeine-induced haze. Basically it’s a step from Breville is quite beautiful Barista Express ; but needless to say, a little fancier.

Manual and automatic
Mostly, the fanciness manual and automatic functions of mixing also gets the fussiest coffee nerd to get exactly the espresso looking for them. Functions like milk texture, grinding, dosing and churning are done by the machine, and it is needless to say that you can fuss with the settings. Would you like your coffee soil finer than sand? This machine will happen. Milk wants to be so frothy it closely resembles the head on a glass of Guinness as beef dairy products? The Oracle can do that. Essentially, if you want your espresso at home, this machine is the way you want it.

Coffee for me
That’s right, that’s not the best option. Because of the size and weight of an outboard engine, you can not exactly bring this with you, and the more green minded among us might consider using an espresso machine that consumes a manual energy . But, if money, space and time is not an object to get the absolutely perfect cup of espresso exactly how you want it, well, Breville wants to make sure that you ‘ll be able to get just that.

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