Tanita sells Gundam✕ Hello Kitty collaboration body composition by reservation only

On April 2, Tanita participated in the “2020 Gundam & Hello Kitty of Love and Peace” project and announced the “Gundam & Hello Kitty Voice Body Composition Analyzer”. The price is 20,000 yen each (excluding tax), and it will be sold only as a reservation, and reservations will be accepted at the Tanita Online Shop. The reservation period is from April 2 to May 17, and the products will be shipped from September.

Originally, this collaboration was developing a project where “Mobile Suit Gundam” which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2019 and “Hello Kitty” which celebrated its 45th anniversary in the same year were confronted, but both characters were settled and from 2020 It became a project called “Gundam & Hello Kitty of Love and Peace in 2020”.

The body composition monitor announced this time has a lineup of three models: “Amuro Ray”, “Char Aznable” and “Hello Kitty”. In addition to reading out the measurement results such as “weight”, “body fat percentage” and “muscle mass” in the recorded voices of each character, we will support the user’s health promotion by making judgment comments with the motif of name.

As a body composition meter, it is possible to measure “weight”, “body fat percentage”, “BMI”, “visceral fat level”, “muscle mass”, “basal metabolic rate”, “internal age”, “estimated bone mass”, “body moisture percentage”. The size is 352 ✕ height 37 ✕ depth 300 mm and weighs about 1.6 kg (including batteries).

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