Support artists from Spotify. Fund raising function

On April 22 (local time), Spotify, a music streaming service, has released “Artist Fundraising Pick”, a feature that allows artists registered in the service to collect donations on their profile page.

On March 25, 2020, Spotify announced a project to financially support artists struggling with the new coronavirus . In addition to activities such as donation to organizations that support artists, the addition of a function for artists to raise funds within Spotify was also announced, and it took about a month to implement. Artists registered on Spotify can use their fund-raising tools to start fund-raising without being forced into a particularly complicated process. In addition to raising money for yourself, you can also raise money for a Spotify-supported charity project for other artists in trouble.

Spotify itself has also set up a $1 million fund to support artists. If you get even one donation through the “Artist Fundraising Pick”, $100 (about 10,000 yen) will be transferred from this fund to your account. In other words, in addition to donations from fans, support from support funds is also available.

Unfortunately, the system of transferring $100 from the Artist Support Fund is currently limited to American and British artists. However, the donation itself can be done from any country in the world, so if your favorite artist asks for donation, you may want to help.

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