Sony announces Premium Direct-View Display in January in the US Reproduces the creator’s intention

Sony Professional Solutions Americas of the United States released a preview video on the YouTube channel, revealed that it will announce “Premium Direct-View Display” that surpasses conventional display technology on January 6, 2021 I made it.

The video introduces the typical CRTs and LCD TVs that we have worked on so far, and the “Crystal LED display system” that uses fine LED elements as the light source in chronological order.

The Premium Direct-View Display announced on January 6 states that it is “designed to faithfully reproduce the content intended by the video creator”, and recently Sony is focusing on products for professionals and semi-professionals. It can be said to be the next move.

The phrase that faithfully reproduces the intentions of the video creator is also used in the TV “BRAVIA MASTER Series” sold to the general public and the 5G smartphone “Xperia 1 II”. , It seems that attention will be paid to how “Premium Direct-View Display” works at the time of announcement.

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