Smarter Smart Heating System Review

Drayton, one of UK’s leading brands in the domestic heating market has an interesting solution for homes with radiator heating. We tend to think of radiators as somehow obsolete, but many homes around the world still use this form of heat. And now you can upgrade your heating and integrate with the rest of your home automation system. The Weiser Smart Heating System keeps things simple and makes it easier for you to control the heating in your home, no matter where you are.

Control Each Room Easily

Smarter is a cost-effective multi-room intelligent heating control system that offers flexible heating zones in up to 16 rooms in a house. You will get better energy efficiency and comfort with this system installed. Smarter is easy to install and you can program any room to save the desired temperature while saving money.

Excellent value 
Easy control

The app could be better

The system consists of four parts: the thermostat, radiator thermostat, heat hub and the app. Through the app you can remotely control heating over all your rooms. The company also has the wiser plug, which is a smart plug that allows you to control ten devices. Smarter work together with your existing heating system and home automation setup , so you do not have to change or alter piping or valves . It’s easy for most people to install.

Everyone loves the money-saving aspect of smart appliances like this, but it’s also pretty great to be able to have the baby’s room at one temperature and living room in another. I love that you get more control over each zone. In addition, the system is compatible intelligent language assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants. So you have voice control so you can set temps no matter what you do.

Controlling your heating has never been easier


The best thing about this system is how easy it is. Add in the fact that it’s affordable and you have a big winner for anyone who wants to live in a household with multiple space heating controls. It does what it says and it’s pretty effortless. Forget about your older thermostats and go with a smart system like this one.

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