Smart and safe home: gadgets that will protect your home

The smart home concept is increasingly strong in the market, with options that bring practicality and integration of several devices in one. But it is not just practicality that these new accessories offer, many are focused on safety for the home.

Accessories like cameras and smart sensors are gaining more space on the market every day. These accessories can be accessed by smartphone and ensure more peace of mind when leaving the house alone.

We have listed some products that can make a difference in the security of your home. Check out.

More protection and safety with the Xiaomi 360º camera. Controlled by voice, it has an artificial intelligence motion detector, bright colors even in low light and a talkback feature.

A security camera is one of the first items that comes to mind when it comes to ensuring peace of mind. Xiaomi’s Mijia has a 360º view, 1080 resolution pixels and is equipped with Artificial Intelligence that detects movements and sends alerts to the application installed on your smartphone. The model also offers night vision called bidirectional and can be integrated with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, by devices such as Echo Dot.

Control the entry and exit of environments with Geonav’s Smart Lock, which allows biometrics, passwords, magnetic cards, as well as a ‘do not disturb’ system and a physical key for emergencies.

The biometric lock is an item that raises the level of security of your assets. To install the equipment, simply overlay the existing simple lock. It allows several biometrics entry and registration configurations, with unlimited passwords via the brand’s application and up to 50 magnetic cards for opening. In addition, it is possible to do remote opening via the HI by Geonav application.

Increase security with the smart smoke sensor. With easy configuration and Wi-Fi connectivity, the sensor is compatible with iOS and Android and emits audible and app alerts when it detects smoke.

Security is not only related to break-ins and thefts, but also to carelessness that we can commit on a daily basis. Geonav’s intelligent smoke sensor has a Wi-Fi connection and is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. At the slightest smoke signal, it emits an audible warning, activates the indicator light and sends notifications to the HI by Geonav application installed on your cell phone.

With low energy consumption and no need for wires (it runs on batteries), the Multilaser presence sensor has Wi-Fi connectivity, a trigger angle of up to 110º and an intelligent scene.

The intelligent presence sensor, connected to Wi-Fi, offers presence and movement recognition at a distance of up to 6 meters and with a recognition angle of up to 110º. As soon as he recognizes, he sends notifications to the Multilaser Liv application. With battery operation, it is 100% wire-free and integrated with an alarm system, offering even more protection.

With a compact design and free installation of wires, the sensor has an internal rechargeable battery, provides history and indication of opening or closing windows, in addition to being connected to Wi-Fi.

Another wire-free accessory, this door and window sensor is compatible with Alexa and has its own application, AGL Home. In the application, the user can check the product’s battery level (the rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months) and check the history of opening and closing doors or windows. The accessory also indicates when there are forgotten doors or windows open.

It is equipped with 1 motion sensor, 2 door or window opening sensors and 1 alarm panel for you to monitor your home from near or far.

The smart home kit from i2Go Home offers in one purchase a smart alarm panel, two door sensors and a motion sensor with detection up to 5 meters away. With the kit’s devices, you can control, monitor and receive notifications in a single application, with real-time notifications to inform you if any device has been triggered or any movement detected in the home.

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