Small appliances that can replace the stove

One of the main kitchen appliances is the stove. It is with his help that many people cook daily. However, there are those who choose not to cook using a traditional stove, either for practicality or for saving money and space.

In this article, we have separated a list of small appliances that can replace a traditional stove in the kitchen. Of course, this will depend a lot on how you cook and some adjustments may be necessary to use an electric pan or to make an air fryer recipe.

The equipment on the list is more compact, takes up less space and, depending on the use, can be more economical.

With temperature control by thermostat, timer and retractable grill, the Electric Oven from Mondial is a good option for those who want to make their favorite recipes, but do not have much space in the kitchen.

The model can also be considered an electric grill, thanks to its retractable tray. This electric oven is still compact (35.4 x 23.4 x 15.9 centimeters) and light (only 2.64 kg).

The Black & Decker Electric Oven has automatic cooking and ignition, audible timer and Grill. Ideal for those who have little space but want to make their favorite recipes.

Another interesting option for those who do not want to install an electric built-in oven is this model from Black & Decker. It has a larger than normal capacity of 14 liters and a height-adjustable tray, which is good for preparing food simultaneously.

As extras, this electric oven has a sound timer, grill function, waste tray and an accessory to handle the shelves where food is prepared.

Safe and portable, the Electrolux Electric Pressure Cooker has a capacity of up to 3 Liters, is made of steel and non-stick material. Perfect for cooking beans, vegetables, meats and more.

An electric cooker is a good replacement for the conventional stove. In this type of household appliance, it is possible to cook foods such as beans, vegetables, soups, rice, fish and even meat. The finish of this model is brushed steel and has a capacity of 3 liters for pressure cooking.

The Electric Rice Cooker is a good option for those who want convenience when it comes to cooking. Made of non-stick material, it has a safety lock, indicator lights and steam outlet.

If you are looking for an electric rice cooker with an above average capacity, this model from Mondial is for you. It supports the preparation of up to 10 cups, which is enough to feed many people in one meal.

In addition to rice, it is also possible to cook risottos, pasta and even vegetables. The finish of this model is also brushed steel, which gives the product a more modern look.

Make your meals practical and healthy with Mondial’s oil-free electric fryer. with a capacity of 2.4 liters, it has a timer, adjustable thermostat and operating indicator lights.

An electric appliance that won the hearts of Brazilians is the electric fryer. In addition to being practical, this product is very healthy because it prepares food without adding oil.

This Air Fryer model from Mondial has a capacity of 2.4 liters, which is sufficient for homemade preparations of a series of foods. The adjustable thermostat can reach temperatures up to 200 ° C, preparing fries, roasts, pasta and other recipes well.

The Cadence Oil-Free Electric Fryer is an option for those looking for practical and healthy ways of baking and frying food. With adjustable thermostat, it still defrosts and heats up.

With a slightly higher capacity, this electric fryer from Cadence is also capable of baking, defrosting and heating food. The adjustable thermostat is capable of reaching up to 200 ° C, which is sufficient to prepare various foods, such as cheese bread, hamburger and chicken in the air fryer.

Prepare tasty meals with Mondial’s G-O3 Grill. Its wavy, removable and non-stick surface allows you to roast, heat and grill vegetables, meat, fish and more.

An electric grill is another good option to replace the traditional stove. This type and appliance is able to heat, bake and grill efficiently. This model from Mondial still has a nonstick and wavy surface, a fat collecting tray and precise temperature control.

Another advantage of this grill is its size, as it is capable of preparing several foods at the same time. Vegetables, lasagna and other pastas, meats and even pizzas can be prepared on this electric grill.

Britânia’s Sanduicheira Grill has a corrugated and non-stick plate, which allows you to heat and grill with practicality and quality. It has safety lock, indicator light and non-slip feet.

The grill is a simple but efficient appliance. This Britânia model has a non-stick surface, safety lock and operating indicator light. The product can be used in the preparation of various foods. It is possible to grill breads, fish, meat and even vegetables.

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