Samsung announces Neo Q LED for mini LED TVs overseas Adopting fine LED layer

Samsung Korea announced the new TV “Neo Q LED” that uses mini LED overseas prior to CES 2021.

A mini LED is a technology that generally uses a fine LED as a backlight for a liquid crystal display, and can improve the accurate color gamut, dynamic range, and brightness compared to a normal liquid crystal display.

The 8K resolution model “QN900A” and the 4K resolution model “QN90A” were announced this time. It is explained that it is equipped with a conventional 1/40 size mini LED, and instead of fixing the LED to diffuse the light by the lens, it is equipped with a thin micro layer filled with more LEDs. ..

In addition, Samsung announced a TV that adopted micro LED in December last year, but this is a TV with finer LEDs spread as a light emitting element, which is equivalent to a higher-end model than the micro LED system.

At this time, the price and release date of the QN900A and QN90A have not been announced. Attention will be focused on how much consumers will accept the new display method called mini LED.

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