Rumors of a new model iPad Pro and a mini LED to be released later this year. Apple expected telework demand?

Apple has just launched the new iPad Pro, but rumors have been announced that another new model will be released earlier this year. According to Taiwan’s electronic component industry magazine DigiTimes, Apple prefers mini LEDs to OLEDs in medium-sized devices, and it is expected to release iPad Pro with mini LED backlight in the fourth quarter of 2020 is. The magazine is familiar with supply chain information, and although it is possible to remove specific product names and release dates, there is considerable credibility in observations such as “products started mass production” and “parts ordered by a supplier” there is.

Mini LED is a technology used for LCD backlights, and it is possible to “turn off the backlight only in black areas” by combining with local dimming (partial drive) technology. As a result, the contrast and dynamic range can be increased and power saving can be expected. However, since organic materials are not used, there is no danger of burn-in, and it is regarded as a promising technology as a countermeasure for organic EL.

Rumors about the iPad Pro with mini LED were first reported last September. Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said that Apple products will be switched to mini LED displays, among which the “high-end model of the iPad” will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2020 .

In February, Innolux (Taiwan Foxconn Group’s LCD panel manufacturing company) made a breakthrough in mini LED technology, with samples already approved by Apple for the latest iPad Pro to be released later this year. It was reported that the display was being prepared .

Earlier this month, Taiwan’s Epistar “ acquired an order for a mini LED chip that is expected to ship by June 2020 ” and “ Apple is mini LED on 12.9 inch tablet released by the end of 2020 ” adopting the backlight “both have been reported .

Just recently, a popular tech YouTuber (who hit the new MacBook Air in the release week) tweeted that the 5G-compatible iPad Pro is in preparation for the second half of this year, The likelihood of the iPad Pro appears to have increased.

Meanwhile, DigiTimes reports that the new iPad Pro, which has just launched, is also seeing significant demand. Suppliers are increasing new tablet shipments, and vendor shipments are expected to increase by 40% in the second quarter.

Why is Apple increasing orders for the new iPad Pro? It is stated that “in the global outbreak of coronavirus, the demand for IT devices such as tablets is expected to increase as the need for learning at work and at home increases.”

In fact, there was news at the end of last month that iPads were scarce and prices were rising due to demand for telework and online classes in China . Apple may even factor that into future product plans.

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