Rumor that the next iMac and AirPods are “ready for shipment”

Just as the new 13-inch MacBook Pro was announced, rumors were reported to suggest that the new iMac and AirPods will be available soon.

Heads up: There’s still an iMac and AirPods ready to ship. (Not sure which AirPods yet, only know codename)

Theoretically, since they’re ready, they could drop at any time.

I’ll let you know if/when I hear a date.

The source of the rumors is Jon Prosser, who has been sending out leak information about Apple’s unreleased products recently. Following the release of the new iPhone SE, he said, “The successor to the 13-inch MacBook Pro will be launched in May,” the other day . Was removed).

Now, according to Prosser’s new tweet, “The new iMac and AirPods are ready to ship.” While it’s unclear what type of AirPods they are, they say, “I’m ready, so they can be released at any time.”

Information is mixed about the new AirPods, one is the “Airpods X”, which has a design similar to Beats X, which is a product for sports and running. There were also rumors about the entry version of AirPods Pro, also known as “AirPods Pro Lite,” and over-ear headphones and third-generation AirPods, which are tentatively called “AirPods (X Generation) .”

On the other hand, Taiwan’s industry media industry newsletter reported that the new iMac was “23-inch iMac”, and Bloomberg’s reporter Mark Gurman confirmed that it was almost correct.

Kosho Joki reported that the 23-inch iMac was one of the “affordable new products” that Apple will introduce this year, as well as the new iPhone SE. Apple also So, in the third quarter, it was forecast that profitability of iPad and Mac will improve (probably due to demand for telework and online teaching), but new products may accelerate the momentum.

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