Roidmi NEX, the first cordless vacuum cleaner with rinsing

The Roidmi vacuum cleaner brand has launched Roidmi NEX in Israel through the official importer S&T, the first cordless vacuum cleaner in the world that includes a rinsing operation .

The new vacuum cleaner is an improved model of Roidmi F8. It is similar to its predecessor but offers a number of improvements. These improvements include 25% more powerful suction power than the previous generation, with a figure of 23,500pa for suction power. This is the same power as the expensive Dyson V10 from the Roidmi F8 significantly.

But the main innovation that Roidmi NEX brings is a rinsing kit. It makes it possible to wipe the floor in parallel with the pumping, so that in fact the two operations are carried out simultaneously. The kit is attached to the vacuum cleaner magnetically and includes a water tank and a washable wiping cloth, so that the mechanism does not require much fuss and allows you to switch between pumping and rinsing mode easily.

Roidmi NEX comes with a variety of accessories in the package as well as replaceable cloths, an additional filter and a charging station. Unlike the previous generation, the charger now connects to the vacuum cleaner magnetically, so you do not have to connect the charging cable manually. Working time has also been improved and now stands at 60 minutes, or 10 minutes in turbo mode.

The price of Roidmi NEX is about NIS 1,500, however, as part of the early sale it is offered at NIS 1,299 with a two-year warranty extension and a bag of accessories as a gift through the company’s website , using the coupon code Roidmi1299.

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