Released Sharp, face shield, etc. LCD panel technology application

Sharp has released “Face Shield”, “Mouse Shield” and “Eye Shield”. From November 9th, it will be available on the company’s direct sales site “COCORO STORE”.

According to Sharp’s announcement, product designer Issei Oura (representative director of NPO “Mamoru Mamoru”) was involved in the development, and a film utilizing the special surface processing technology (Mosseye technology) cultivated in the development of liquid crystal panels was developed. By adopting it, it is said that the view will not be blocked by the reflection of sunlight and lighting.

The surface of the film is specially processed to prevent scratches, but if it becomes conspicuous or damaged, a replacement film (2980 to 3980 yen including tax) can be attached.

In addition, by using a special acrylic resin, it prevents fogging due to high humidity environment and exhalation, and also uses a lightweight titanium frame from Sabae.

Face shield and mouse shield are available in two sizes, S and M. The face shield with a titanium frame is scheduled to be released on November 30th for 8980 yen. The face shield with a polycarbonate frame will also be released on November 9. The selling price is 1980 yen.

The mouse shield will be released on December 7th for 5980 yen. The eye shield is available in M ​​size only and will be released on November 27th for 7480 yen.

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