PowerDock delivers fast wireless charging

There is no shortage of gadgets you can buy to charge the devices, but the question is, are they fast and how convenient are they to use? If your devices charge a portable charger that charges up quickly and you want something effortless to use . So you can keep your stuff turned on without any problems.

PowerDock charges 5 devices simultaneously

PowerDock delivers speed and easy operation. It’s a wireless fast charging station and a bank of energy that allows you to charge 5 devices at the same time. This powerful all in one wireless charging station and power bank allows you to get rid of the clutter that comes from messy adapters and cables. Do not you hate unraveling wires and looking for adapters through your stuff? What a mess.

PowerDock includes 10w Qi wireless fast charging and is compatible with MacBook PD 2.0 as well as 3.0 QC wired fast charge charging. Plug in up to 5 devices and get everything charged. It has a 10000mah powerbank battery capacity.

The sleek and modern design along with the smooth aluminum finish will be a welcome addition to your desktop and as a bonus, it will create an efficient and clean working environment. Best of all, you will not have to worry about the battery life of the devices. I would call this a must have for your desk as they will make sure you always have the juice you need.

Rid of Cord Clutter Get

Your desk is usually cluttered with adapters, cables, and other peripherals that you need to charge your gadgets, but this simple and sleek little disc cleans things up. You will not know what to do with all the extra desk space that will reclaim you.

But I warn you, your friends and co-workers want to go to some of this sweet juice that PowerDock offers. Hey, can you charge my phone? Use your new charging power responsibly and help them, but not too much. You finally have to charge your things.

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