Pixel 4 XL has a phantom gray?

It has been reported overseas that an image of a gray color model, which is a prototype of Google’s smartphone “Pixel 4 XL”, was discovered. This Pixel 4 XL was exhibited at the Chinese shopping site Taobao. Although the design is the same as the already sold Pixel 4 XL, the label says that the coloring is “grey” different from the existing jet black. Not only the base color, but the power button is also darker than black.

Another notable point is that the label has “VZW”. From this notation, it is surmised that this Pixel 4 XL was a terminal for US carrier Verizon Wireless. We also found a note about the Soli sensor reading hand gestures.

Now, it’s unclear how Google didn’t release the gray Pixel 4 XL. Of course, it may be that there is not much difference between Jet Black and coloring.

Darker black is available as a standard color in the recent Pixel series. However, in the first Pixel series there was a somewhat lighter color, “Quite Black”.

Looking at the completeness of this gray, I feel that such a gray color may be restored in future Pixel terminals …

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