One day wandering like Pokemon GO in search of docomo 5G

The next-generation mobile communication “5G” will finally start in March. It is often said that “Japan is one year late”, but it seems that one year from the launch in Japan will be a slow start.

Because 5G frequency band is more difficult to handle than 4G LTE. In particular, the use of the “millimeter-wave band”, which is the key to realizing ultra-high-speed communications, will start at DOCOMO after a three-month delay in June 2020, and will begin at SoftBank in FY2021, even after the start of 5G.

So, is the area development in “Sub 6” starting in March going well? Looking at the status of DOCOMO and SOFTBANK, it is hard to say so.

Before DoCoMo’s 5G service started, I was able to borrow a 5G smartphone “ arrows 5G ” , so I took a 5G radio wave in the field … I went to “ spots where 5G can be used ” to check .

■ 5G is “Pokemon GO”

“5G is like Pokémon Go,” says Kuratsu Katatsuya, a management consultant familiar with the telecommunications industry. The author “Mobile Forum 2020” to hear these words in the online distribution of, was Tokushin that it is strange to obtain said.

The words describe Mr. Kurosaka’s initial experience of launching 5G services in Korea. I was struggling to find 5G even when walking around the city looking for radio waves, and found a place where people were crowded. There, people from all over the world came to experience 5G radio waves … Mr. Kurosaka described this experience as a smartphone game linked to real space.

This “Pokemon GO state” is likely to apply to 5G services in Japan. When NTT DOCOMO launched its 5G service in March, the number of base stations deployed was limited to 500 stations at 150 facilities.

Some of the places are open on the DoCoMo website as “ 5G usable spots ”, but looking at this list there are no stations in Tokyo, Tokyo Sky Tree commercial facilities, Haneda Airport, some Docomo shops are lined up. And with a very specific place.

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