Nvidia Tegra Note Tablet is now the most powerful 7-inch tablet

Brand names like Sony, Samsung, LG and Apple have long been associated with smart devices . Mention Nvidia for the average consumer and they will probably scratch their heads in confusion. And rightly so, as Nvidia, who was long building hardware, has largely remained of the same products that have made the above companies so visible to the general public. But that has changed, somehow, when the company announced plans, and finally released the Shield , a portable gaming rig that the Android plays access and plays games from a compatible streamingComputer .

Now Nvidia has announced a new tablet called Tegra Note. Although instead of targeting it directly to consumers, they are pitching it as a tablet platform, allowing HP and those alike to beat their brand on the outside and call it their own. Customization options will be somewhat limited, but with this comes a start (and suggested) retail price of $ 199.

The advantages, beyond the low cost, is the power that Tegra wisely found Nvidia’s 4 processor in the shield, the same processor comes. Nividia says it’s the fastest processor in a 7 inch tablet all without the battery call woes you normally experience thanks to its fifth core, which is said to be a battery saver.

Sure, the battery side of things remains to be seen, but that’s not all Nvidia Pitching. They also say they’ve gotten some tech tech to play the unbelievably responsive, exceptional sound quality, a host of camera applications, the addition of the 5MP shooter, 10 hours of battery life, and access to Tegra optimized games that are not available on other tablets . “

size TBD
mass TBD
display 7 inch HD IPS LCD display (1280 x 800)
battery 10hrs
processor Tegra 4 Mobile processor with quad-core Cortex-A15 and 72-CPU core GeForce GPU
O Android
Connectivity TBD
warehouse 16GB memory, expandable microSD to an additional 32GB
camera Rear 5MP and front VGA webcam
Wireless Internet access TBD
Bluetooth TBD
price $ 199 +

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