Nuki 2.0 Keyless Smartlock for the UK Market Review

Nuki has announced the arrival of Nuki Smart Lock 2.0, which is the next generation Smart Lock company, turning your smartphone into a key. It comes with a bunch of new features and includes Bluetooth 5 to the wider range, a better internal processing power for the speed. There is also a door sensor so you can get updates at a glance and it has full Apple HomeKit compatibility.

No More Keys under the flowerpot

The Nuki 2.0 Smart lock for the British oval-cylinder lock is specially updated to keep up with the easy to install retrofit . This new version fits over the user’s existing lock and key and installs in less than three minutes. Most people can handle this easily. You will also not care about replacing door fittings. So the focus is on this Smart Lock is the ease of use . It also plays nicely with other smart home solutions like Ring and Nest, Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

Easy installation 
Easy to use

Limited color options to fit your door

This is the company’s push into the mature UK smart home market. The Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is compatible with Android and iOS. As with most smart locks in the market, you can use this to unlock your friends, family, delivery people and other digital access to unlock your door via the companion app.

With all the smart lock solutions available to us these days, burglars and other nefarious individuals will have a hard time finding a key under a flowerpot. 2.0 Nuki will be even more convenient with the optional Nuki Fob and Nuki keyboard, which gives without a smartphone easy access to the children, the delivery people or such.

Nuki makes this lock easy for everyone to use


This new version will be available in November 2018. Whether you secure your home, home, business, or vacation home, Nuki offers a very cool home security solution that anyone can easily install and use in minutes. It has a lot of options about the app, the Nuki Fob and the Nuki keyboard. People in the UK will love this smart lock solution. 

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