Navi time and congestion area map are provided free of charge

On June 18, Navitime Japan began offering a “crowded area map” free of charge in the comprehensive navigation application “NAVITIME”.

The congestion area map is a function that displays the current congestion status in 9 different colors on the map. The latest information of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba is automatically updated every 5 minutes.

When you update the app to the latest version, “congestion information” will be added to the map selection menu, and you can switch the map to display the congestion level.

The NAVITIME app is free to download, but the “Premium course” for paying members starts from 300 yen (tax excluded) per month as usual.

You can also check it on the map screen from the route search result, the voice guidance screen, and the detailed spot information screen. It is possible to check them together.

All functions will operate after obtaining the location information of the terminal that uses this application, after obtaining the user’s permission.

Navitime says, “We are using congestion maps to visualize congestion information, and we hope it will be useful for avoiding three-way traffic.”

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