Moog and Korg help break the blockage of the new corona with free synth apps. “Minimoog” and “iKaossilator”

Synthesizer maker Moog has released the “Minimoog Model D Synthesizer” iOS app released in 2018 for free. For those who have been standing still before the wall of less than 2,000 yen despite the fact that it is very cheap considering the real thing, there is a chance to introduce a famous analog synth machine in the iPhone and iPad, and in the future People who want to start music may be a good first step. Minimoog is supposedly designed to be session musicians quickly brought to the studio and installed, and then taken home when the work is over, in contrast to analog synths, which were simply too large to carry. A pitch wheel is provided on the left side of the keyboard, and the ability to change the sound being pronounced like a guitar or saxophone has also contributed to greatly expanding the range of performance and expressiveness.

Preparing some sound generator circuits from the beginning in order to play rather than make sounds was also useful to musicians whose main activity is live performance, and became a model for later analog synthesizers.

As a result, in the 1970s and 1990s, Minimoog became Keith Emerson, a progressive rock band, ELP, Stevie Wonder for black music, Herbie Hancock and Dick Hyman etc. in jazz, and Dr. Dre and Trent Many musicians, including Reznor, use Minimoog in studios and stages.

“Minimoog Model D Synthesizer” is an application that reproduces the Minimoog in a thin iPad (can be used on iPhone). Moreover, since it is not only reproduced, but also expanded from a single-sound utterance to a four-tone polyphonic, beginners who think that pressing a key will produce a sound just by pressing a key do not become a Haniwa face. Presets that reproduce the tone of a famous artist using Minimoog are also included, and can be added by in-app purchase. There are a lot of other useful features that you can get and enjoy.

There are no announcements about the free period, but if you think that it is a service for people who have to stay home due to the spread of the new coronavirus , it seems to be the correct answer to get it now .

On the other hand, Korg, an electronic musical instrument that currently handles Moog brand instruments, has also released “iKaossilator for iOS”, which reproduces the “Kaossilator” gadget that can produce loop music with its application. Here, you can create music intuitively without any knowledge of music by inputting rhythm patterns by touching the pad on the screen. Korg says that it is beautiful and visually appealing and enjoys the joy of composing.

According to Korg, “A lot of people are forced to stay at home in schools, workplaces, events, etc. all over the world and there is a need for self-restraint. I thought that I could give it “and decided to make the application free.

The free period is for iKaossilator for iOS until March 31st, and the Android version of this app ” Kaossilator for Android ” is also free, but this is a little earlier as of March 20th. If you are using an Android device, be as soon as possible.

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