Memomate is an Ewriter, Tablet and Power Bank

I love gadgets that are multiple devices in one. These types of gadgets make multitasking easier. It also helps ease our burden when we travel. It is always best to wear a few gadgets instead of carrying a whole backpack.

Artists are going to love this

This is probably why I like Memomate so much. It seems like a great gadget that fits this category. Memomate is an Ewriter, a tablet and a power bank in one.

The 10,000mah Power Bank is handy because, obviously, you can keep your phone and other devices charged while on the go. Sure, you probably already have a power bank, but are you also an Ewriter and a tablet? I do not think so. That means that this bank of energy takes up zero extra space. That’s a big win in my book.

The Ewriters have an e-paper screen and allow you to capture your inspiration when it comes to you. Draw art and scribble on content of your heart. Save your ideas and take your thoughts when they come to you. This Ewriter promises a great writing experience for every creative user.

You can even write while charging a device with the power bank. Do you see why I love these multifunction devices?

With Memomate you can easily save your work in the cloud. All you have to do is take a picture of your Memomate work and upload it to places like Evernote, OneNote, Dropbox and more. In addition, you can manage and share your work on Memomate on your phone or iPad. Be creative and share with others .

You can endlessly use this tablet as the handy delete function will clear what you want. If you want to delete it, then get rid of it. You will always be able to use it.

Memomate is handy for creative people.

Be Creative and Get Your Ideas Down

The Memomate stylus promises accurate pressure measurement. There is no charge required.

Memomate seeks to be artist or someone a very handy device that is inspired and needs to get things down fast.

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