MagCase is the thinnest phone case in the world

We’ve seen our share of smartphone cases around here, but not all of them are elegantly designed. So if we see a phone case that takes things to the next level, we need to inform you about it.

MagCase is serious phone protection

The MagCase certainly takes smartphone cases to the next level. It is the thinnest cell phone case and its world, which is beautifully designed. The design ensures a seamless performing experience as well as providing you with a layer of armor to your phone.

MagCase comes in two variants: MagCase and MagCase Pro. MagCase will give you basic protection with the thinnest protective cover embedded in metal plates. Both versions are also wireless charging friendly. MagCase Pro ups the ante with scientifically engineered protection and embedded metal plates.

You can watch cell phones that are seriously equipped in MagCase and get abused on their website . This case is super tough.

The Pro version has 5 layers of protection. The first 3 outer layers are made of military grade aramid fiber, for excellent shock and abrasion protection. The inner foam layer enhances the shock absorption capabilities, while a premium micro-fiber coating protects your phone from scratches. And somehow they managed to get it all in a profile just 2.5mm thick.

But she even went further, adding airbag safety zones at the corners to dispel the impact forces. AirPocket Sidebar zones give the case side impact protection, reducing the shock of a crash and keeping your phone secure.

5 layers of protection

They could have stopped there, but they also added reinforced bumper corners and an impact-resistant rear. To round it all off, non-slip side handles make sure that you always have a firm grip on your phone because half the battle is not falling in the first place.

I have to say, it’s an impressive phone case. With specifications like that, impressive is a heavy understatement. This is one of the coolest cell phone accessories we have seen in some time .

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