Kevin is a virtual roommate who protects against burglars

Burglaries are a regrettable fact of life. It can happen to anyone. And there’s nothing worse than all the things you’ve worked so hard for, stolen right under you.

Meet your new roommate

Not only does this type of crime steal your stuff, it also steals your peace of mind. It can be traumatic and leads to many sleepless nights. For what if it happens again?

Most burglars look for signs of an empty house. They want to do their fouling act without confrontation. And that’s where Kevin comes in. Who is Kevin? Just your new virtual roommate. Kevin will help you out of crime for sure.

It does so by simulating your presence while you are away. You can have gone the bad guys, but will not know about that. When you are not home, Kevin will appear to be there. You will feel more secure when you leave home with Kevin there.

Kevin is the first IoT device to simulate a human presence, by emitting light, shadow effects and sound. It is a simple and effective solution to empty houses. Burglars will think of someone at home, and will happen to your house directly. They want simple goals, so they go to jail and do not get caught.

Supported languages ​​are English and German. Kevin comes with a week worth of unique simulation data that matches customization and optics and acoustics. Storage is 4GB.

The days that the lights come on when you leave the house are over. You also do not have to create some elaborate contraption Cardboard cutout in the shape of a person involved, on a moving track. Come on, you know, you’ve thought about it.

Welcome Home Kevin

Considering that Kevin has best interests at heart at home, I would call him a very good friend and a very cool home security solution.

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