JR Tokai develops non-traveling linear vehicles. Verify ride comfort and safety

JR Tokai has established a new “Linear Driving Test System” at the Komaki Research Facility in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture, to test vehicles without running them.

With the linear driving test device, a test is performed simulated using a vehicle body that is the same size as the actual linear Chuo Shinkansen without actually running the vehicle.

The mechanism is to apply a current to the electromagnetic excitation device on the ground side, generate magnetic force, and lift the vehicle body. By using this device, the vibration of the vehicle during traveling can be reproduced, the ride comfort can be checked by changing the settings of the air spring and the damper, etc. For a long time to verify durability.

In addition, by applying vibration from the side, the vehicle’s sway caused by an earthquake or a misalignment of the track is reproduced to further enhance safety.

▲ Image of the linear running test equipment The

linear Chuo Shinkansen is scheduled to open in 2027, with a maximum speed of 500 km / h during business hours. Initially, it is planned to open on the entire line between Tokyo and Nagoya and in 2045 between Tokyo and Osaka.

The construction cost of the linear driving test equipment is about 6.6 billion yen. The company says that it will further improve superconducting linear technology and improve the efficiency of construction, operation and maintenance.

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