iSketchNote turns your iPad into a Notepad

The iPad would seem perfect for sketching and taking notes, but in practice … that’s unfortunately not the case. Luckily, there are products ready to jump into the breach, like the iSketchNote.

Writing on a notepad, Back It Up To iPad
The iSketchNote is actually pretty easy to use; It is an iPad cover that integrates a set of sensors and requires a stylus with a magnet. The pen itself, however, is intentionally nothing special; it’s just a ballpoint pen with a magnet in the case.

Why a magnet? Because that’s how you get your notes transferred to your iPad; When you open the app and start writing, your gestures will be automatically translated to the iPad to give your Merk a backup.

Yes, magnets, this is how they work
The key aspect of the iSketchNote is that you only need the cover, the pins, and an iPad; You can use any sheet of paper to create the notes. The magnet is tracked by sensors in the cover, just as you scribble, writing text or otherwise creating on a piece of paper, every sheet of paper, this data is transferred directly to the iPad and thus you are able to hold everything in two forms. If they hit a stretch target, you will also be able to do this with a computer via a USB port, making it doubly useful.

That is, we would like to see a little more flexibility, that. How about magnets you can attach to your own pens? How about compatibility with Photoshop so you can easily outline more easily into elements? Of course, there is a version for developers on the way, since this is a kickstarted piece of technology, but even so, there is much more potential here as well as the developers of the device seem to realize it.

If you want one, you better hurry; It is currently $ 149, but they are rewarded from early risers running fast.

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