Is AirPods Max developed for more than 4 years? Former Apple designer testifies

Apple’s first over-ear headphones, AirPods Max, released on December 8th. Testimony by stakeholders has been reported that it took at least four years to develop it.

Former Apple designer Dinesh Dave tweeted with a photo of AirPods Max, “The last signed NDA (nondisclosure agreement) has finally come out!” And when asked when he signed, Dave replied “four years ago,” so it’s estimated that development would take at least four years.

But for some reason, Dave speculated that 9to5Mac “received a call from Apple and reminded me that it was valid until the NDA expired or was canceled”) and immediately deleted the tweet. Mr. Dave’s account is also locked and nothing can be seen.

However, former Apple employee Ryan Jones also took a screenshot of the tweet before it was erased and posted it on Twitter. Jones also said he was involved in the development of AirPods Max .

“The first AirPods were launched in 2016. We saw insane demand right away and asked if there was anything else we could do in this genre,” Jones added. I will.

It’s not clear what role Dave played in the development of AirPods Max, which started the story, but he has a degree in graphic design . As a general rule, consumer products tend to start designing before graphic designers get involved, so it’s likely that development has been going on for more than four years.

Rumors that AirPods Max is in preparation began to be whispered in early 2018, more than two years ago. After that, it was reported that development was difficult, and it is speculated that many of the planned functions were removed in this product version .

However, after the first model of AirPods was released, it has been steadily evolving, such as the appearance of a wireless charging compatible case and a Pro model with an active noise canceling function. In the future, I would like to expect the introduction of new models that have revived functions that seem to have been scraped, and sports models that are rumored to be cheap and light.

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