I tried using the GLIDiC Sound Air TW-7100 & TW-5100 earphones with a forgotten item prevention tag

With these and other things these days, the chances of going out are diminishing.

It’s time to go out and rehabilitate. I was wondering, but I would like to introduce a slightly interesting gadget sent by the manufacturer.

It is “TW-7100” and “TW-5100” of the complete wireless earphone “GLIDiC Sound Air” with a built-in “Tile” of the forgotten thing prevention tag.

Well opened immediately.

The outer box feels simple. It’s the Evolution line and the Casual line. So that’s it.

By the way A spare earpiece, a charging cable, and a manual are included.

For the TW-7100, the earpiece comes with a short comfort type and a basic type.

First of all, TW-7100. The aluminum case has a luxurious feel. The earphone part is also luxurious with a matte ivory coloring.

Then TW-5100. This is shiny white. The case is matte white.

Both earphones have a unique shape, but this one is supervised by “Canal Works” and has an extremely good fit. Many people may remember Canal Works as a custom-made earphone maker that uses ear molds.

The fit realized by this collaboration is a common point between TW-7100 and TW-5100. As for the size, the “TW-7100” is one size larger, but when I actually put it on, I didn’t really care about the size. Rather, I personally prefer the slightly larger TW-7100 in terms of fit and sound insulation.

The included earpieces come in 3 sizes and can be adjusted according to the size of the ear canal.

I listened
First of all, the TW-7100 is an honor student who is faithful to the original sound. The expression of mid to high notes is very good. It is a “high-looking” and elegant sound balance. The TW-5100 is also unintentional and gives a very good impression.

Which one seems more expensive than listening? If you are asked, you will definitely choose the TW-7100, but the TW-5100 also has sufficient sound quality for everyday music listening. Neither is a type of earphone that makes full use of bass, so the earphones are just powerful! It may not be suitable for those who say, but both of them are very comfortable to listen to. Especially for the TW-7100, it was the successor to the previous model, which won the AV award “VGP2020 SUMMER” and was extremely well received. In addition to the forgotten item prevention tag function, you can think of it as a sound gadget with sound quality that is suitable for the price.

Talk about specs and features
The first thing to worry about is around the battery.

Both TW-7100 and TW-5100 are equipped with a high-speed charging function. It can be used for 3 hours and 2 hours, respectively, by charging for 10 minutes. When fully charged, the “TW-7100” will play continuously for 12 hours, the “TW-5100” will play continuously for 8 hours, and when combined with the case, the “TW-7100” will play for 30 hours and the “TW-5100” will play for 28 hours. , This is more than necessary. When used for applications such as ZOOM, the “fast charging” function is very helpful.

In addition, both are equipped with an external sound capture function, which is a standard function for high-end earphones. This function allows you to listen to music while listening to the surrounding sounds.

Also, since it is waterproof to IPX4, you don’t have to worry about sweat or splashes during normal use.

I tried using the Tile function
The feature of these TW-7100 and TW-5100 is that in addition to the collaboration between the well-established GLIDiC and the custom IEM maker Male Canal Works, a forgotten item prevention tag (smart tag) is installed.

The tag installed is the search tracker “Tile”, which has the largest share in the United States. Tile is also actively promoting the installation and expansion of Tile access points in Japan. It was also talked about that it was installed in about 30,000 JapanTaxi tablet-equipped taxis in major cities in Japan. It is a mechanism that users using the Tile app and these Tile access points can search for “lost and found Tile tags”.

To use the Tile function, you must first register the earphones from the Tile app.

If you register, you can find out the approximate distance by the radar ring and you can search by making a sound if you go somewhere with the case as well as when you take the earphone out of the case.

On the map, the place where your smartphone last confirmed the Tile tag will be displayed. Also, by setting it to lost mode, it will be searched in the Tile community where Tile users nationwide participate.

“Notify when found” is possible at 88 stations on all Tokyu lines
By the way, the Tile access point that constantly picks up Tile’s Bluetooth radio waves will be 88 stations on all Tokyu lines from October 26 (Kodomo no Kuni Line: Onda, Kodomo no Kuni Setagaya Line: Nishitaishido, Wakabayashi, Shoin Shrine, Setagaya, Miyanosaka, Yamashita , Matsubara) was installed at the counter. When a lost item with a Tile attached (or built-in) is delivered to the station window, it will automatically and anonymously connect to the Tile access point and notify the owner’s app of the location of the lost item.

This is a very attractive initiative for people living along the railway line.

Anti-things tags that use a mechanism like Tile have a great effect on how many users are in your area and how easy it is to find something you have forgotten. If you install the app, you can check how many users you have in your area or around your place of work, so it’s a good idea to check before you buy.

It seems that there are about 15,000 to 16,000 Tile users in the place where I usually live.

The GLIDiC Sound Air introduced this time is a product with a built-in Tile, but there are also a wide variety of Tile for the forgotten item tag alone, and you can make a sound with the Tile itself, or conversely, make a smartphone sound, “Outing” for the first time in a long time If you do, why not consider it before you drop something important?

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