HumBeatz Switches your voice in a musical instrument

We all went to hum one of our favorite tunes. There is nothing else comparable. You feel good and you feel the music. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to really turn your voice into a musical instrument?

HumBeatz is a clever app for every musician

HumBeatz makes this possible. It’s a very cool music making app that allows you to hum or beatbox and turn it into the musical instrument of your choice. So you can quickly create only musical parts and song sketches with your mouth. It allows you to get even more creative with music.

It’s like a cool studio in the bag. Musicians who travel a lot like going to play with this app, as they can just hum away or beatbox whenever they feel like and later turn into cool stuff.

HumBeatz has three modes. Hum mode lets you jot down as you hum and turn it into an instrument. Beatz mode is exactly what it sounds like. You can translate your beatbox drum kits. You can even teach HumBeatz what drum to use thanks to machine learning algorithms. The Looper mode gives you four loop tracks to record with a length of two bars per person. You can enter Hum or Beatz mode to a track. This gives you a variety of instruments and drum kits for playback.

Only Hum and the rest is easy

The app also allows you to export your HumBeatz projects exporting Amped Studio to your creations. In addition, you can optimize your levels, effects and more. You’ve got it in the developer’s hand, this is a great idea for an app.

There is the freedom to create music artists, even when everyone is on the go. All you have to do is humming and that may be enough to spark your next epic jam.

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