How stupid is Monty Python’s stupid walking? Research results published in the magazine “Walking and Posture”

An article on how to study the stupid walking style “Fool walking” that appears in the English comedy group Monty Python’s masterpiece contest “Fool walking” was published in the journal “Gait & Posture” . According to this study, stupid walking is up to 6.7 times more stupid than normal walking. Researchers at Dartmouth University have begun this study to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the “ Ministry of Stupid Walking ” airing on the BBC, and have been working with the stupid minister (John Cleese) in developing a stupid walking development. Analyzed the stupid walking of Mr. Putey (Michael Palin) who came to apply for a grant for the purpose.

At Conte, the minister told Putty, “Your walk is not so stupid. Your right foot is not so stupid, and your left foot just stops in the air step by step.” Putty, on the other hand, will be depressed if she can get a ridiculous way of walking with the help of a grant. The minister will walk through the office and explain how severely the country’s budget is constrained, and will give Putty an incentive for a special study of “The Anglo-French Walk”.

Researchers at Dartmouth University have quantified the degree of stupidity by defining the “deviation from normal walking” condition as “stuttering”. His research interests include live performances staged in 1980, as well as TV contests. And while the Minister’s way of walking was 6.7 times as stupid as usual, Putty showed that the result was only 3.3 times as stupid.

However, this study does not mean laughing, “It’s stupid”. Researchers have noted that the conte can be applied to the peer review process in academic research in health sciences.

According to researchers, government research applications currently require more than 150 pages of proposals, which can take months to prepare. Once the proposal is completed, the panel will be reviewed for a long time, and without the support of at least 75% of the panelists, there will be no funding for the research.

Researchers point out that streamlining the research funding process conducted by the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council in 2013 saved $ 2.1 million to $ 4.9 million per year in 2015. Once paid, researchers will be able to start research sooner, while at the same time funders may not waste time and money and may be able to fund more research. , “He said, calling for the need to improve current procedures that are both time-consuming and costly.

This may also mean that groundbreaking research could be wasted because research funding is not provided early. In fact, even in the control of the “Ministry of Stupid Walking”, the ministry stupidity of the ministry, which was 6.7 times the usual stupidity in TV broadcasting in 1970, dropped to 4.7 times in 1980 . “Monty Python resurrection live” held at London O2 Arena in 2014! The minister no longer walks stupid, but the dancers just danced stupid .

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