Google authentication system application, setting export finally supported

The authentication system app provided by Google for Android has been updated to support the export of registered accounts.

This Google authentication system app is for displaying the code required for two-factor authentication. Of course, you can register multiple services, not just a Google account.

Actually, the application has been able to register by reading the QR code, but it does not support setting export (displaying the QR code). For this reason, when switching models, it has become a factor that takes time to move to two-factor authentication.
However, from now on, just display the QR code at the export source and read the QR code from the authentication application at the import destination, all the settings will be migrated. Regarding the export from the authentication system, only the authentication system application can be read because a dedicated QR code that collects multiple accounts is generated. It cannot be used to transfer the registered contents of the authentication system application to another application of the same type (for example, IIJ’s SmartKey).

In addition to this, the screen design will also adopt a new design based on the material design. The conventional authentication system app was a little old image, but according to Anroid Police who tells this topic, the design update has not actually been done since 2017.

At the same time, screenshots cannot be taken with the new version.

A new version 5.10 that supports this export is being rolled out by users. If you are a fast user, you are already eligible for updates on Google Play.

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