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What Is A Ticket System?

A ticket system is software that collects customer support requests from a variety of sources and manages them in one place.

Why Should I Go For A Cloud Based Ticketing System?

The growing number of channels available to customers makes life easier, but it can be difficult to provide consistent service. For many years, many companies allowed their customers to create support requests only via web forms, in which they were often forced to fill out required fields such as their account number or service plan. This ensured that the help desk respondent had all the information needed to provide help, but it was not always a pleasant experience for the customer. Some prefer the immediate and personal appearance of a phone call or the brevity of a tweet.

In addition, the different formats cannot “communicate” with each other. For example, if a customer sends a complaint via email and then creates a public tweet containing the complaint, it is entirely possible for two different agents to respond to the customer without even knowing it. In addition, the data is never saved for future use, and help desk agents cannot see this customer’s past issues.

A ticketing system allows customers to contact a company through their preferred channel, but also ensures that help desk agents have a consistent view of customers, including contextual data and previous support requests, all in one place.

Did You Know?

A ticket system allows support teams to streamline customer communications in one ticket, all within an organized workflow. This leads to a faster resolution of each request for assistance. And if the same customer contacts the support again, the agent will automatically have access to important information about that customer, such as their last support request, the problem they were experiencing, the way they were resolved, and the time that had to wait for the customer.

A support ticket system also collects data that can be used to improve the support team of a company as a whole. Indeed, a system of assistance tickets makes it possible to follow the problems and thus to have an overview of the support team. So, if a specific problem is constantly raised by several customers, the support team can be made aware of the problem and take measures such as bug tracking for engineers or the provision of a self-help solution.

What is myHelpingDesk Application?

myHelpingDesk is a ticket system that functions as a shared inbox for all the questions and concerns of your customers. Thus, no matter which channel customers use to contact the company (e-mail, chat, Twitter, etc.), help desk agents always have a consistent ticket, making ticket management much easier. They can help customers and solve problems faster.

The Possibilities Of myHelpingDesk

With myHelpingDesk it is possible to search all customer data stored in the ticket system. You have a complete checklist that allows you to track all conversations from origin to resolution, even if it covers multiple channels and agents.

And with this problem tracking system, your support team can learn and grow over time, for better self-service options (created with help desk software), more personalized support, and service, consistent and efficient customer.

The key features of myHelpingDesk include:

Create a Ticket

Your customer can click the “New Ticket” button on the “Create New Ticket” page of myHelpingDesk application, if they want to create a new ticket. A support form will be provided to them so that they fill in information such as title, type, category and priority, target date, resolution date and required details.

Check the Ticket Status in Real Time

The current status of all ticket requests can be verified by your customers when you click the “Open Tickets” button. Customers can view various details of the requested tickets, such as owner, ticket ID, ticket status, agent and the date of the request.

History of the Ticket

The ticket history provides your customer with all the statistical data for the tickets requested, including the past and current status of the ticket. With ticket history, customers have access to detailed ticket agent responses.

Get Help on the Go

myHelpingDesk technical support application is available for users of iOS and Android mobile devices. All you have to do is visit the App Store and the Google Play Store to download the software. You can get support anywhere, anytime.

Flexibility of Data Management

The myHelpingDesk application offers great compatibility and flexibility. It allows your customers to use their desktops to store, manipulate, transfer and retrieve data directly from the application.

Improved Performance with Software Integration

By integrating service request management software, your customers can easily customize all their ticket requests with ease.

Professional Interactions

With the Service Desk Support App, you can engage in professional interactions with your customer.

Support Center Management

myHelpingDesk provide one (or more) point of contact to users so that they can get help in the event of a problem.

Service Level Agreement

It is a contract between a service provider (internal or external) and the end user that defines the expected level of service.

Knowledge Base Management

Each department, from sales to customer service, relies on a management system to improve efficiency and facilitate work.

Simplified Task Management

IT team leaders can easily coordinate multiple tasks at once. They can track the progress of each task throughout its life cycle. It will also enable IT team leaders to make informed decisions at any point in the task lifecycle.

Management of the Progress Report

A full progress report for each task can be automatically generated at any point in the task’s life cycle. The progress report of several tasks can also be provided in one go accurately and quickly.

Intellectual Property Leasing

Your branded intellectual property may be rented on demand and this in addition to a promotion, product or service.

myHelpingDesk 7-Day Free Trial

myHelpingDesk technical support application can be downloaded for free! With a monthly fee of $ 5, a small team of 3 agents can use all the features of our technical support application. Download and test for free.

  • Small teams = $ 5

Monthly Fee – For Up To 3 Agents

  • Growing Teams = $ 10

Per Agent, Per Month – Up To 15 Agents

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Any company that does not use a support ticket system should start doing so immediately. Support requests created through channels that the company does not monitor will go unnoticed. There will be no tracking of customer data and it will be difficult to provide effective or personalized assistance.

In fact, every time a customer contacts a company, from the point of view of the company, this will be the first interaction with that customer. This is not ideal for creating an exceptional customer experience. It will be almost impossible to track bugs. Get myHelpingDesk app today to deal with all your problems.

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