Geo sells 50-inch 4K HDR LCD TVs on the 30,000 yen level by tax on 19th

Greenhouse will sell a 50-inch 4K LCD TV “GH-TV50BG-BK” with a bezelless design at the Geo online store “Geo Online Store” and Geo stores 462 stores nationwide on June 19th. Will be on sale.

Selling points other than the narrow bezel include the fact that the latest image processing LSI made by a Japanese manufacturer is installed at a low price, and the high viewing angle panel with a wide viewing angle of 178° vertically and horizontally is adopted. I will. The images are clearly visible and easy to watch movies and play games.

In addition, it supports HDR10 and can display a stereoscopic image even with a video source with a large difference in brightness.

Seven video modes are available: “Automatic”, “Vivid”, “Standard”, “Living Room”, “Movie”, “Movie Pro”, and “Okonomi”. In each mode, you can adjust the brightness and contrast of the backlight.

The tuner to be installed is a double tuner specification that supports both terrestrial digital broadcasting and BS/CS digital broadcasting. If you connect a USB external hard disk, you can not only schedule recording from the program guide and record the program you are watching, but also record the back program. However, the tuner for new 4K satellite broadcasting is not installed.

The USB port is equipped with two systems of 3.0 specification and 2.0 specification. Of these, the USB 3.0 port can be used when connecting a USB HDD for recording. The HDMI port for video input is 4K compatible and equipped with 3 systems. It also supports HDMI CEC. The input format is 4K/60p 4:2:0, 4K/30p 4:4:4/4:2:2.

For audio, it also has optical digital audio output and stereo mini headphone output port.

The size is 1112.5×690.5×216.7mm (width x height x depth), and the weight is about 9.7kg. The rated power consumption is 105W (0.5W in standby) and the annual power consumption is 124kWh/year.

Accessories are remote control x1, remote control dry cell (AA type dry cell x2), TV stand x2, TV stand mounting screw x6, miniB-CAS card x1, B-CAS manual x1, miniB-CAS card cover x1, miniB- CAS card cover screw x1, instruction manual x1, warranty card x1, power cable x1.

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