Full-automatic coffee maker, Plus Style on sale on the 25th at 13,800 yen

+Style (plus style) dealing with various IT gadget devices announces “smart fully automatic coffee maker”. Reservations will be accepted from June 11 (today) and will be released on June 25.

As the name implies, the smart fully automatic coffee maker is a product that makes delicious coffee just by setting coffee beans and water. The extraction method is a drip method, and coffee is extracted in the steps of “grinding beans,” “boiling water,” “steaming,” and “drip.”

As a function unique to Plus Style for developing IoT home appliances, we have prepared a “smart mode” that works with smartphone apps.

Specifically, it includes a “timer” function that allows you to specify the day of the week and time in 1-minute units, and automatically switches the power on/off in conjunction with weather information (temperature, humidity, weather, sunrise, sunset, wind speed). Besides, you can also operate voice from the Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa speaker by linking +Style account and Google / Amazon account.

In addition, Plus Style also supports the location information linkage function (power ON/OFF, automatic operation of existing home appliances set with the smart multi remote control) that was launched in March.

In addition, the power can be switched on and off automatically by linking with various data that can be acquired with the +Style device (*). You can set a link such as “If the sensor installed in the bedroom door detects opening and closing in the morning, turn on the coffee maker.”

(*) +Style devices that can acquire sensing data are “smart sensors (doors and windows)”, “smart sensors (human presence)”, “smart sensors (leakage)”, “smart home cameras (flexible arms)”, and “smart multi remote controllers”. “Smart Wi-Fi plug”.

Basically, as a coffee maker, the built-in mill grinds beans in six stages of medium grinding according to the number of cups, and by using stainless steel for the filter, the oil content of the beans is fully Suppose you can enjoy a deep coffee. In addition, it has a heat retention function for up to 30 minutes.

The main specifications are 6 cups for extraction and a water tank capacity of 750 ml. Coffee available is either beans or flour. Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) standard supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz band only). Power consumption is about 670W. The size is about 160x280x321mm (width x height x depth) and the weight is about 2.6kg.

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