Fugoo Sport Bluetooth Speaker Check

In the last 5 years, I’ve probably heard and tested more of the best Bluetooth speakers than me dear. In fact, it is in the truth; Most Bluetooth speakers are not memorable, at least these days. Especially because they all have comparable specifications, with few offer exceptional features and excellent sound.

What we liked
First-class sound quality
Waterproof up to 3 meters
Seriously amazing battery life

What we do not
Unboxing was tough as the speaker
Can not remove the jacket

Fugoo Sport Specs

Battery life 40 hours
waterproof green check mark
driver 6 neodymium drivers
Frequency response 60 Hz – 20 kHz
aptX support green check mark
Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE green check mark
3.5mm input green check mark
Built-in microphone and speakers green check mark
size 2.3 “x 7.4” x 2.9 “(59 x 187 x 73 mm)
mass 1.1 pounds
Loading time to 100% 3.5 hours

Fugoo Sport Design & Quality of Construction

The sports jacket provides additional protection for the Bluetooth speakers.

One word: modest. This is probably the biggest disadvantage of Fugoo Sport. Because it really could be a bluetooth speaker. And if you are not wiser to crawl the web in search of the right speaker, you can only accept such. But that ‘s also the only downside, at least for those who do not own the Fugoo Sport Bluetooth speakers. But that’s not to say, it’s not attractive or well built. On the contrary, in fact, and therefore why it is at the top of the best speaker list Bluetooth .

Inside the waterproof speaker, is not just a battery that is good for 40 hours of playback, but two 28mm neodymium tweeters, two 39mm neodymium aluminum mid / woofers arched. Both are complemented by two passive emitters that are designed to enhance bass – do not worry, I’ll get into audio quality soon enough. That’s all in the head, Fugoo says the drivers face each other in any direction, 360-degree sound.

In the hand, the Fugoo Sport is as solid as it comes, at least for a speaker this size that measures 2.3 “x 7.4” x 2.9 “and weighs just a few ounces over 1 lb (538g) – small enough to be thrown in a bag or purse. Part of this weight can be attributed to its included sports jacket, which is removable, provided you can lever it out of the speaker’s own loss. I can not do it despite the instructions contained. Still, this allows the Fugoo Sport to take a 6 foot tumble and keep it ticking, though telling me it could handle a higher altitude.

And although it can be waterproof in up to 3 meters of water for up to 30 minutes , the headphones and micro USB charging port are not sealed. This is in contrast to most Bluetooth – speakers, such as Ultimate Ears (UE Boom Review ), which has a rubber flap that 3.5 to – mm – seals input and charging port. That’s why I believe the Fugoo Sport could still be waterproof without its sports jacket, but that’s a guess, and I have no way of telling otherwise. Update: The jacket is sold separately and seems to make it waterproof .Conversely, you can remove the jacket, and in turn reduce the weight of the Fugoo. You can replace it with the Style Jacket, which is also sold as a package or separately. Update 2: the speaker is waterproof by default, but Fugoo recommends the jacket as it protects the rider.

Turning around the Fugoo reveals two screw holes that hold the sports jacket tightly adhered to the core of the speaker. Ship the screws in the box and can be added after the fact. Through my account you will not need them in place to keep the jacket complied. But I should warn you that the screw holes are used in the packaging. Fugoo wants you to unscrew a bunch of plastic screws during unboxing, but good luck with that. I ended up latching the plastic base gauge in pieces until I was able to either relieve enough pressure from either plastic screw until I could turn it over by hand.In other words, Fugoo Sport Unboxing was probably the hardest part of these speakers. That and the sports jacket to remove. I should also mention that there is a mounting hole for accessories at the bottom, accessories .

Finally, the left side of the speaker houses the power and Bluetooth button. While the above include volume buttons and an additional button to initiate Siri, Google Now or to initiate a call . And speaking of it, the Fugoo Bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone with echo cancellation.

Fugoo performance

The Fugoo Bluetooth speaker naked (without his jacket)

You’ll be double checked your ears when you start playing music from your Fugoo Bluetooth speaker, because yes, it sounds so good. For such a tiny box, this BLE can crank compatible speakers.

Compared to the UE boom it does not sound all that clean, but it’s almost on par. The soundstage for such a small speaker is impressive, as the amount of bass and all the amplitude combined can occur. And yes, it’s so loud that most rooms fill with sound, though it’s an inevitable limit just because of the power source and the size of the speaker himself.

I particularly like the fact that the sound plays in all directions. This negates the need to turn or turn the speakers toward those listening.

And unlike most Bluetooth speakers on the market, the Fugoo Sport AptX is compatible, which means better sound quality if you have a compatible device. However, the iPhone 6 and 6s (and all models before it) does not support aptX, so you ‘ll need to search on an Android device to find this. Although, I often found that the iPhone generates some of the cleanest audio from any handset, even though the music streaming from Spotify, albeit from its highest playback setting. Such a contentious issue for iPhone users.

Wrap up
Aside from the challenges that the speakers remove from both the display panel and the sports jacket, there is nothing – zero, Zilch – wrong with these portable Bluetooth speakers. For the sake of complete revelation, I was unable to put the Fugoo Sport battery to the test of 40 hours just because, well, I do not have the time to sit and watch 40 hours of audio playback. But so far, after hours of use, the battery has diminished very little, which by the way can be determined by tapping that power button on the top of the speaker – it will cast a vote that will tell how much battery remains ,You could say that the Fugoo Sport is a bit on the heavy side. But in this case I’m more concerned about the physical dimensions of the Bluetooth speaker, and in terms of that, the output. And in this case, the Fugoo sports solve on all cylinders.

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