Fingbox Network Security App protects your home and family online

You would n’t surf the web without a decent antivirus software installed right? How would you not let your child down on the street without a helmet on a powerful zip hoverboard . So why is your home network still unsafe? Your home network should be as secure as your computer’s home . Fingbox can help with this.

Secure Your Network, Speed ​​It Up, and More

Fingbox is a network security app that protects your home and family while they are online. Secure this simple device and easily fix your home network. It comes with all the tools you need to keep your home network safe and Wi-Fi working properly. This plug-and-play network security appliance and mobile app is already in more than 30,000 homes to make life safer.

Best of all you get all standard fingbox features without having to pay a monthly subscription fee to access them. Fingbox is also easy to use and set up. It only takes a few minutes. 1-click – parental controls let you keep your kids safe. These features include: Internet – outage scheduling, 1-click device blocking, device usage and monitoring
plus you can keep track of who is at home and online.

Is your network speed not what it should be? Do you want to check and make sure your ISP really delivers what it promises? No problem. Fingbox helps you improve your network performance so that your connection is not only faster but also more reliable. It provides ISP outage monitoring, city and country ISP rankings, automated Internet speed tests, WiFi speed tests and bandwidth analysis. Your connection will be everything it should be.

Fingbox protects your network.

Fingbox is easy to use

You also make your network secure with 24 ⁄ 7 network monitoring, event monitoring, intrusion detection , open port detection, the ability to close open ports from UPnP, notification of rogue and evil twin access points as well as KRACK attack and MiTM attack detection. Be safe and secure. This is your home network we’re talking about. It can never be too safe.

Fingbox makes it easier than ever to take control of your network and protect it at home and family.

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