DM access to Twitter is easy with Android 11

One of the major changes in Android 11 is the change in the handling of notification fields and messaging apps.

It has now been discovered that those changes will also apply to Twitter (genuine app). In Android 11, Twitter’s direct message will be easier to check in the notification field, and it will be easier to reply.

Now, while this information is conveyed by the Android Developers blog, it seems unusual for Google to showcase its features with third-party apps.

However, this seems to be taken as an example of using the Conversation Notification API that will be available in Android 11, because it is easy to imagine concretely. This blog post calls for “other apps that have messaging capabilities to take advantage of this feature”.

It also covers Facebook Messenger. Android 11 introduces a bubble display similar to Messenger chat heads, but there is developer-based commentary on how Messenger responds to bubbles.

Again, it seems that the aim is to encourage other applications to migrate by showing concrete examples.

Android 11 says it’s “focused on people, control, and privacy,” and adding or changing these messaging features is for a human-centered experience. It seems that they are considering it so that they can easily check the message without being aware of it.

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