Distinguish your pet fish with the labyrinth aquarium

If it was not hard enough to cleanse the traditionally shaped home aquarium, then you should try this for size, the labyrinth aquarium. It’s hardly the ode to Mario Bros. like this at home underwater zoo or the visceral experience of this huge aquarium ( Aquadom ) in Berlin, Germany. Nevertheless, something tells me this $ 6,000 + contraption will suffice for those who ilk fish friendly.

Made of Lucite (aka acrylic glass), you’ll never have to worry about them in case of an earthquake or toddler children crackling in them (effectively the same thing). Included with the six globes of awesomeness are silk plants, filters, air pumps and three lights. You are also throwing in the necessary cleaning equipment, but something tells me there is no brush, pipe cleaner or even motorized bot that will make the process a simple, or pain free.

For additional scratches they will be throwing in a cupboard, but you might think twice about the investment added, as one becomes very good for the fishes and has to toss.

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