Deako Smart Switches Customize your home lighting

Your home automation needs aren’t complete until you have smart lighting installed. There are several solutions available, but Deako Smart Switches allow you to customize your home lighting in a unique way.

Illumination The Way You Want It

Deako has a range of intelligent lighting products that are their smart switch, smart dimmer and what they call a simple switch. This section is about the user experience with some great features that make your life easier in many ways.

These switches have a menu that you can tap to show up to 3 scenes that you have programmed. You can set any of these switches as scene controllers. This means that you can turn off all the lights in your house, set your lights for movie nights, or control any amount of lights you want. You now leave the lighting that you want effortlessly.

Do you have some romantic lighting in mind so you can spend time with your partner? No problem. Would you like to work in low light so that you can relax? They are all good.

You can use it as a dimmer simply by adjusting your finger to the brightness you want. You can use the up and down arrows for further fine-tuning. You can change things if you have upgraded or your Deako can degrade like Switch thanks to the modular design.

Deako switches give you the light you want.

Set the switch to Smart Switches

The simple switch is just a basic switch, but with Deako the great design. The others all have cool features. So no matter what you need, they have your lighting needs covered. You could have the dimmer in one room, the smart switch in another and the simple switch where you don’t need special functions.

Not only are these switches good at what they do, but they also look at home. Your lighting is smarter and it looks smarter too. Well, there you have sorted your lighting needs, it might be time on the way to intelligent sockets to your further expand home.

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