Ceiling light “CIRCULIGHT” with circulator 6 tatami type released

Doshisha will release the 6-mat type of CIRCULIGHT from mid-June. The direct sales price is 23,980 yen including tax.

CIRCULIGHT is a product that combines a ceiling light and a circulator. By switching the fan rotation direction, it is possible to create a downward wind suitable for summer and an upward wind suitable for winter, and improve air conditioning efficiency such as heating and cooling. Until now, we had developed 8 tatami models, 12 tatami models, and socket models, but in response to requests such as “I would like to install it in one room but the weight is uncertain,” the 6 tatami model will be introduced. .

The circulator can set the air volume in 12 steps, and is also equipped with functions such as rhythm style and good night style. The ceiling light has a brightness of 3200 lumens and can be dimmed in 5 levels.

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