Bug has launched the Roborock S6 robotic vacuum cleaner in Israel

The market for robotic vacuum cleaners in Israel has grown a bit more, with the arrival of the Roborock S6, the latest model from the vacuum cleaner manufacturer Roborock, which operates with Xiaomi’s smart home platform.

The new vacuum cleaner is very similar to the Roborock S50 we reviewed here , or to the black Roborck S55 model . So it offers an advanced cleaning system that includes a navigation array that incorporates a laser sensor (LDS) in SLAM navigation technology. This system helps the vacuum cleaner to map the entire house while moving and to orient itself in the space, even if it is a large house.

Using the Mi Home app, the user can schedule the cleaning work, block rooms from entering them or delimit certain areas in the house. The app also allows control of all vacuum operations as well as its maintenance, viewing history and use as a remote control.

The Roborock S6 is quieter than the S50 / S5, but the suction power (2000pa) remains the same. It also includes a cloth and a water tank for washing the floor (wiping) which is slightly larger than the previous generation. Battery life also remained the same, sufficient for up to 3 consecutive hours of use.

The price of the Roborock S6 in the Bug chain is NIS 1,899. In the network it is also known as T6.

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