Brush your teeth cleanly and get Pokemon

Pokemon Co., Ltd. has begun providing the smartphone application “Pokemon Smile” (Android / iOS) that allows children to brush their teeth while having fun.

Use your smartphone’s camera to show a child brushing their teeth. Pokemon will appear and be able to be caught by thoroughly cleaning and defeating caries. Since there are more than 100 types, I think that you can brush your teeth everyday without getting tired.

You can collect many Pokemon to complete “Pokemon Zukkan”, or collect “Pokemon Cap” and put it on your head. There is also a function to take a picture in the application.

In addition, when you finish brushing your teeth, you can get advice from an academic point of view by the Japan Dental Association, and a function to notify you to brush your teeth at a fixed time up to three times a day.

The illustration of Pokemon is by illustrator Kanahei. Also pay attention to the Pokemon drawn with the gentle touch unique to him.

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